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Leaked Emails Embarrass Guardian Liberty Voice Part 1Guardian Liberty Voice, a Las Vegas-based online news and information platform, was exposed today in the release of private emails between management. In recent news, leaked emails brought on the resignation of Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony. In the Guardian Liberty Voice emails, both newly-appointed President Donna Martin and Vice President of Operations Carl Auer offered up letters of resignation amid questionable business practices. The news site, founded by DiMarko Chandler in 2012, claims to set itself apart from traditional news outlets with an editorial policy that rejects individual bias while offering up a wide variety of editorials spanning the political and philosophical spectrum. Guardian Liberty Voice provides its own “Writer’s Boot Camp” certifying aspiring citizen journalists and at the end of the course, a demanding final testing and evaluation is given.

In the leaked emails Martin sent to Chandler, she reveals that in a prior conversation, Auer stated that he would be…

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